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    What Are Your Experiences


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    What Are Your Experiences

    Post by Admin-Rheea on Sat Mar 24, 2012 5:11 pm

    This discussion is for family members who have loved ones who carry the label of a diagnosis. Here, you can communicate what is on your minds about the stresses surrounding your loved one, and yourselves. Once labeled, many changes occur that are either good or bad, from acceptance to disowning. Here you and other families can discuss how your lives have been affected, and what you are doing to live with the consequences of the actions made toward the change. If there was no change in your family, share how you overcame the labeling. Elaborate on your decisions and what could be done to rebuild bridges, strengthen families, discover acceptance, and make your lives less chaotic.

    The content in this introduction is not meant to offend anyone. There are times things go wrong, and what we do to deal with these times can either heal families or destroy them. We live with the decisions we make.

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